How to send WhatsApp Animated Stickers

WhatsApp has just announced a number of new features , one of which attracts the ability to send sticker animations. So how do you send animated WhatsApp stickers?

There are two ways to send WhatsApp animated stickers, namely:

Animated Stickers on WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp
  • Open one of the chats that you want to send the animated sticker to
  • Press the sticker icon
  • Press the + icon to add stickers. We will be sent to the sticker download page
  • Look for an animated sticker marked with a small play button on the top. Press the download icon on the left side
  • When it’s downloaded, press the back button on the top
  • We will see the animated stickers that have been downloaded, select what you want to send
  • This animated sticker will always move as long as the chat page is open, only stop when the user leaves the conversation

Using Third-Party Animated Stickers

WhatsApp also provides support for animated stickers from third parties. You can download it free on Play Store, one of them is Animated Sticker Maker for WhatsApp.

Interestingly the application provides features that allow you to make your own animated stickers. The method is easy, namely:

  • Press the + Create A New Sticker Pack icon for Your WhatsApp
  • Then name the sticker and maker. If the sticker is for yourself, then uncheck the Share it with other option
  • Then select a photo or snap directly from the camera. Then add additional words or emojis
  • In order to be added to WhatsApp you must create at least three stickers
  • Press Add to WhatsApp
  • Then just use the WhatsApp animated stickers created earlier

Good luck!