6 Ways to Fix a Laptop Keyboard that Doesn’t Work

At work from home (WFH) as it is now for some employees, laptops are electronic devices that are often used. Will be a big problem if in conditions like this there is a damaged laptop device.

One of the damage problems that occur on laptops is the keyboard. The keyboard can be damaged because it is used too often for typing. When your laptop keyboard has been damaged even some buttons can not be used, you do not need to panic. Before buying a new laptop or bringing it to a repairman, try to fix it yourself.

Here’s how to deal with a non-functioning laptop keyboard summarized from various sources:

1. Ensuring Damage to the Laptop

Damage to a laptop keyboard can have two causes, namely software or hardware. How to check it? Try to access your laptop’s BIOS. If you can enter and use the keyboard, then most likely there is damage to the software.

2. Clean the keyboard

If only a few keyboard keys are damaged, while the other keys are still functioning properly there may be a pile of dust on the keyboard.

To get rid of dust effectively, the most basic thing you can do is to tilt your laptop at a 75 degree angle and shake your laptop to get rid of the dust.

Another way to lift the dust, you can use masking tape between the keyboard. Make sure the tape used is still sticky.

3. Restart the Laptop

If suddenly the entire keyboard does not respond, chances are the problem is in the software / driver. Try restarting your laptop, maybe this is enough to fix it.

However, if it has not been resolved in this way, an error might occur so that the hardware connected to the laptop does not function as it should.

4. Restore Windows

If your keyboard stops working after installing every new application or changing settings, try restoring your Windows. Most likely this will solve the problem. The trick is

  • Click the Start menu and from there, click Control Panel
  • Highlight the System and Security menu option then select Back up your computer
  • Then click Open System Restore

After the above command is done, your laptop will automatically reboot. If it all happened because of system damage, the keyboard should be working again.

5. Fix Keyboard Driver

Problems with non-functioning laptop keyboards (, it could also be because your keyboard driver is not up-to-date or there are destructive applications that cause the keyboard to be less responsive. You can check in the following way

  • Click the Start menu and select Control Panel
  • In Control Panel, click System and Security and select Device manager
  • Select the keyboard and you will find the driver menu options below it

If you have a yellow triangle on it with an exclamation mark in it, that means there is a problem. You should immediately update the keyboard driver on the official website of your laptop manufacturer.

6. Bring to the Official Service Center

If all the above methods you have tried and no results or not work, then the problem occurs with your laptop hardware . You should immediately bring your laptop to the official service center so that it can be quickly repaired.

However, if the problem is quite heavy on your laptop, the cost involved is also quite expensive. Then you need to think again to repair or buy a new device.